Thursday, March 26, 2009

CCP pulls a fast one on us with Fanfest 2009

So, CCP recently annouced that another EVE Fanfest will be held this year (check!), in Iceland (check!), in Reykjavik (check!), between October 1st-3rd (what the eff!!). October? Nah, that's got to be wrong right. What? It's not!!! But they've held it in November since the Big Bang!

Seems things change. And yes, the 2009 edition of the EVE Fanfest will be held on the first day of October, my birthday of all days! The sad news, is that I won't get to go. My plans to attend, were squashed with the move to the new dates. You see, my better-half and I are expecting Mini-CK No.2 in early September, and though I love this game, some things in life come first.

Family, EVE, God.

I find myself skipping this year's fanfest., but true, I did go last year, and will try to go the next!

In the mean time, enjoy this great teaser for the event! You lucky bastards! :p


Mandrill said...

Me and the wife are unsure as to whether we will be attending this year as well. If we do though I'll be sure to take planty of pics :)

Anonymous said...

I'd been looking forward to going this year, too- the new dates pretty much rule out everyone in full-time education, though, myself included.

A real shame. Here's hoping they move the dates back for next year, or it'll be 2012 before I get to go.

DeafPlasma said...

I'm trying to attend, but its now funding defendant - but I've got the mighty sign off from the g/f to go. Conversely the date move which stops you going allows me to go!

Its a shame you can't make it though - I for one wanted to meet the Blog Pack leader in person! Hope to see you next year.

CrazyKinux said...

Some will be pleased by the change, some not. Guess you can't please everyone. Still, I'll really miss the event! :(