Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Video: Gaming on the go with an Epson HD projector

[WARNING: The following post is not about EVE Online] Oh noes!!

Talk about gaming on the go! You thought the DS, PSP or iPhone were the ultimate portable gaming platforms? Think again. The guys at Epson Europe went to extremes to promote their new EH-TW450 HD projector, by strapping the device onto a suit, connecting it to a PS3 Slim and showing off around town!

Anyone interested in placing an order? For the suit, Epson projector and PS3 Slim combo that is!


Anonymous said...

This guy is my new hero!

Anonymous said...

I was not impressed. Sure, walking around playing with a gaming machine that's more advanced than a handheld is cool, but it has one major flaw: The projector.

The strength of the handheld is that you don't disturb the people around you too much, since you will be playing on a small screen, unless they're actually trying to look (Assuming that you're wearing headphones).

With a projector, however, you need a surface of some kind. As you can see, the projection can take up a lot of space, which can be really bad in an urban area. Remember that there are people around you who are non-gamers, or who simple doesn't care about what you do in your games.

There are still flaws that i haven't addressed, but summing up what i just said: This is an interesting device that would be ok in private or less public areas. However it cannot, and will not, replace the handheld consoles.