Friday, January 08, 2010

I go AWOL and the EVE Community gets an Award!

Talk about shitty timing! I take a few weeks off from blogging and tweeting as I normally do, and during that time, Ten Ton Hammer awards the EVE Online Community the Best Community of 2009. Indeed, best time to take a break. I've seriously just found out about this - like an hour ago - while looking over my Facebook News Feed!

Still, it's a hell of an honor to be part of this great community of players with whom I share a passion for an amazing and complex world. Long live New Eden.

Before I jump back on the horse and return to my regular posting schedule, I just wanted to update you on what I've been doing this last 4 weeks! For those of you who don't know, I'm currently enjoying my paternity leave, of which I've got 2 more weeks (yep, that's 5 weeks during which I'm being paid to spend some time with MiniCK2). During that time, those of you who follow me on raptr will know that I've been playing some EVE Online, some Torchlight and Defense Grid, as well as a lot of Mass Effect. All this playing only happens when the MiniCKs are sleeping, which makes for some difficult gaming schedule. And with the PC downstairs in the basement and the Xbox 360 in the living room, playing Mass Effect (Xbox 360 version) is currently more convenient.

Add to that the fact that I want to finish the game before the sequel, which I've pre-ordered, comes out on the 26th.

I've also been reading a lot more, which is something I used to do more before the kids, and before this blogging, tweeting, facebooking took over my leisure time! I managed to finish reading The Sky People and Deadhouse Gates. I've started reading The Child Thief, Mass Effect Revelation and Pathfinder Core Rulebook. It's really fun to have the time to do so.

I'm slowly getting up to speed with emails, request and posts, so expect a return to my daily blogging and tweeting starting next week.

It's good to be back!


Dante Edmundo said...

Welcome back! hee hee

Redundant blogger said...

Aye - I know what you mean. There just ain't enough hours in the year for everything, I too have a family.

Welcome back though CK. As always we have been waiting for you...

Lea said...

Yay!! Will be glad to have you back :) Reading about piracy non-stop as of late has been corrupting me!

Timothy Roy said...

Welcome back, hope you enjoyed the time with the new Mini!

_ J said...

Deadhouse Gates!

Steven Erikson is a fantastic novelist. :) Memories of Ice is going to blow your mind.

Anonymous said...

Wish I lived in Canada, but I'm in the only industrialized democracy which does NOT have paid paternity (or even maternity) leave.