Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Video: Mass Effect 2 Launch Trailer

Well, seems I'm an emotional guy. Either that or game trailers are getting really damn good. Probably both statements are true.

Mass Effect 2 comes out next Tuesday for us folks in North America (and the 29th on the old continent). And though I'll be away at a sales conference for the reminder of that week I still pre-ordered the game at EB earlier this month.

When I watch, and re-watch a trailer like the one below, I have to admit I get goose bumps.

Video games creating emotional responses. Who would have believed that 30 years ago!


Anonymous said...

Yep. I get the goose bumps too. :P

The game looks amazing.

Ivanneth Maethor said...

They're really getting good at the cinematic video games. I've been playing Dragon Age, and that gives me gooseflesh at times, too.

GTez said...

Looking good! Was totally surprised to see this when I went to go read your blog!!!

Dante Edmundo said...

Restarted Mass Effect I which has been sitting on my hard drive now for at least a year.

Finish that up and will have something even better to look forward to hopefully.

Bahamut said...

You know me. I could NOT be more excited about this game!

CrazyKinux said...

Am pissed that I haven't finished ME1. Then again I can't complain cause I'm really lovin it!

Maxwell Muhilo said...

Damn! Why did I have to watch that video! My computer is too old to run the new on and doesn't run the old one well. I'm building a new computer this summer that would barly blink at this but that's so far away! Waaaaaaaa! :'(

Stephen Grey said...

This game is a linear piece of shit. It's almost like a rail shooter. I feel like I'm watching someone else's story.

There will be 15-minute Star Trek-like dialog and walking around sections, interspersed with awkward firefights. Just like the first, and like KOTOR.

If you liked the first you will love it. If you didn't like the first you will hate it because it's just like the first.