Sunday, December 06, 2009

Mining the EVE Blogosphere for some Brand New EVE Blogs

It's been a long time since I've added new blogs to the EVE Blogroll, though not because there were no new blogs. My good friend Ga'len fastidiously emails me every time he adds a blog to the EVE Player Blogs OPML, which allows me to keep track of new blogs and add them to the ever growing list! Also, make sure to keep an eye on @Alexia_Morgan's latest blog post and to check it out on a regular basis.

So here below are the latest blogs to be added and a few who've moved to new URLs since getting on the list. Welcome to all!


Lea said...

Would it be out of line to request to add my own? :)

Anonymous said...

@CK, don't forget Alexia Morgan and the EVE Online Portal at

Announcements about new blogs added to his site and the OPML download I maintain can be found on the latest blogs page over there (


You are NOT out of line, it's a perfectly reasonable request. BTW, you are already added to the OPML download on this past Sunday!

CrazyKinux said...

@Lea - Done!

@Ga'len - added to the post. That's a great link I wasn't aware of actually. Tweeted the link as well! Sorry Alexia!

Arrhidaeus said...

Seeing my blog on this list combined with some other factors has caused me to rename mine, so if you wouldn't mind changing "On Nature" to "Cogito Ergo Yarr" I would be very grateful.

Thanks for adding me to the list as well!

CrazyKinux said...

@Arrhidaeus - Change done!

Arrhidaeus said...

Oh my, that was speedy.