Monday, December 07, 2009

Phoenix Labs: The Few, The Proud, The Industrialists with teeth!

I've been a member of Phoenix Propulsion Labs for most of my EVE career. I've written in the past how important it is to quickly join the right corporation in EVE in order to enjoy the game to its full potential. Let's face it, EVE is an MMOG, a real Massively Multiplayer Online Game, one where the social element of these game is most prominent. Not that you can't play the game solo, but it's a no easy task, and doesn't provide the support a good corp will.

In my case, that corporation is Phoenix Labs. Shortly after joining the corp, I had a chance to meet these fine folks in person during the EVE Gathering in Vegas in mid-2006. Recently, I interviewed our Human Resources Officer, Isuridae, and gave him the chance to showcase this amazing corp I'm proud to be of! The interview is below.

What is Phoenix Propulsion Labs (PPL)?

PPL is primarily an industrial corp but we are trying to become more balanced in areas of PVP. We have a saying to that regard, “Industrialists with teeth.”

What sort of industry does PPL perform?

PPL is engaged heavily in T2 and T3 manufacturing of items ranging from rigs and modules to starships and drones. We also manage a good deal of capital ship production.

How Is PPL structured?

That’s a good question, I am glad you asked. PPL is a socialistic corp in that the means of production and distribution of goods is owned by the corp. All assets belong to the corp. And our Tax rate is 99%. We have a military rank system with promotions based on merit.

That sounds very restrictive for pilots, how do they make money?

The corps provides its pilots with anything they require, thus the burden of constantly grinding for ISK is relieved. Pilots are then free to pursue the activities they enjoy, rather than wasting their energies. All we ask of our pilots is that they maintain a good level of activity, and participate in corp operations when required.

Is PPL part of an alliance?

At present no, though we do see an eventual return to a 0.0 based alliance. It is our hope that with the Dominion expansion, the alliances will begin to see the worth of a dedicated industrial corp. This corp, working with a couple others in what was then FIX alliance, is responsible for the construction of most of the outposts in the Querious region. 3-FCK, I1Y, and 49U to name a few.

Why would a capsuleer join PPL?

PPL is very much a family of mature pilots that value the principles of teamwork, honor, integrity, and commitment. If you are looking for an experience greater than just being out for yourself, wish to be part of a cohesive team working towards a common goal. And want to have fun doing it. PPL may be the corp for you.

What are PPL’s goals?

First and foremost to provide our pilots with a fun and rewarding experience and secondly to be recognized as the preeminent industrial corp in EVE.

Applications can be submitted on our corporate website. I review the applications and then contact you in-game for an interview.


Anonymous said...

Were I ever to find my current corp disbanded, this sounds like the type of place I'd be right at home in.

Wayne said...

I may have to consider applying. I love the people in my corp, but I do believe I am starting to outgrow it. Of course my only PVP experience is getting blown up.

Dante Edmundo said...

99% taxes. I don't even think the supposedly failed European socialist systems tax their well payed workers (compared to US) with full health coverage that much!

wooki said...

communism is a terrible eve corp structure. It doesnt work, speaking from experience. We had over 50 strong in our communist corp, in the end our players lacked motivation to play eve simply because your hard work is never rewarded. Your hard work is put to use in "more important" goals and you as a character can never exceed. Not being able to set high personal goals (such as capitals and freighters ect) ended up being the nail in the coffin for many of our members. We tried desperately to put up a public register for personal goals and order those by importance, however it ended in vein. Our members left faster than we could recruit and the corp ended up disbanding.

I tip my hat at you guys, your obviously doing allot better than my old corp. If you guys end up droping taxes to a reasonable level & I would be their in a flash.

Bill said...

As a member of PPL, I'm not sure that I see the issues that wooki describes in our corp. I don't know how it works for others, but for me, I feel I am constantly in debt to the corporation for providing to me things that would be difficult for me to provide myself. Therefore, I am very motivated to play because I want to repay the corp for all the investment they have made in me.

Regarding freighters and capital ships, I know that there are lots of folks in the corp that can and do fly these ships when necessary.

I'm not saying that PPL is perfect or that a socialist corp will work for everyone, but I can say that I'm as capitalist as they come and I am very comfortable in this socialist corp. Apparently, PPL is doing something right, having thrived with basically the same structure since 2005.

Of course, your mileage may vary...

Eddie said...

As another member of PPL, I have to say that I enjoy my time with the corp enormously. The only concern I ever have is what will I do today. Nice, easy, simple. No worrying about where I am going to find the isk to buy another ship, mods, etc.
If I want to go mine roids/ice, fantastic, there's already an armada of Hulks and Macks available to me.
If I want to go pvp or fly missions, Great! I've got ships and mods all there ready for me.
Interested in building and research? Great! We've got everything you need already.
Maybe I've gotten a bit to corp ad sounding, but really in the end, the reward is flying with the best group of people I know, and not having to worry about grinding for isk. I get to focus on whatever I like to do, because in the end, it all helps the corp and by helping the corp, I help myself.

Latro said...

"...the reward is flying with the best group of people I know,..."

Sums it up. I had an epiphany yesterday. The buddy who joined EvE when I did came back in after giving it up for a while. He and I are currently the only ones in our corp, so when either of us is out, it gets awefully boring in EvE. We had a good ole time just planning his mining and production and my market operations.

Anonymous said...

Seems very dangerous to me. With that high of a tax rate and assets, all it takes is one scammer to hurt the corp tremendously. The problem with socialism is that centralized economies are very vulnerable to theft and fraud. EVE having no short supply of the latter.

Hope your application process is ironclad.