Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The ever expanding EVE Blogosphere! - Part 6

Please welcome our newest EVE Bloggers:
  1. Cataclysmic Variable (The) 
  2. Serious Thukking Business
  3. The Ghosts Report
  4. Linked Dreams
  5. Et Tu, Brutus?
  6. Tech 2 Duct Tape
  7. Skillpoints
  8. Pod Blog
    I'll be adding you all to the EVE Blogroll shortly! Welcome to the ever growing EVE Blogging Community! And if I've missed any that have recently emailed or dropped a comment, please let me know!


    Numtini said...

    I'm another newbie who you forced to blog with your women in Eve banter.

    Numtini's Corner:

    Stark said...

    CrazyKinux, you should consider TigerEars for the blog pack. It's updated regularly, and tells the author's continuing experience in unknown space.

    Personally, the author's writings inspired me to take the plunge into wormhole space, and I continue to enjoy the blog.

    H said...

    CK - cranking towards 600 blogs... o.0

    Holy crapola!

    What about a get together some time? If not in RL, what about in game? It would be a sight to see :)


    Anonymous said...

    Don't forget about my little bloggo: Ore, Pirates and Pods

    Banear said...

    Thanks for adding my blog CK.

    Also seconding Stark's recommendation for TigerEars. It's the most accurate and in-depth blog of wormhole life I've read so far.

    Enerla said...

    I would add blogs that participate in blog banter-s, and would add non-english blogs (such as 52 nap eve online referenced in such blogs as well

    Unknown said...

    This is becoming quite the list, CK. I have an addition to the blogroll and a suggestion for the Pack (when a spot opens up), if I may; Depths Unknown by SN1P3R001 A new blog, going for about a month or two, but Roo keeps it up to date usually daily, and always has something to add, plus her cynical personality keeps things fresh. Just thought it was worth a recommendation.