Friday, August 20, 2010

CK's Friday Speedlinks for August 20th, 2010

As summer slowly comes to an end and the cool winds of autumn start to make themselves felt at night, it's time a shake down of this blog. Regular readers will have noticed that its been a while since my last post. Some might wonder what's happening with this blog, now that I've left the EVE Blog Pack. All I can say for now is that all these changes are for the good. More on that later.

For now, here's a an updated post series that used to be known as "EVE Speedlinking for...". I've indeed decided to rework the formula and bring you a different more diverse speedlinking experience. This new series will have lots of EVE Online content of course, but will allow me to post links to anything that's peaked my curiosity; whether EVE-related, scifi-related or just plain cool geek stuff.

Hope you enjoy this first of many!

EVE Online Related:
New EVE Online Blogs:
  1. Interstellar Privateer -- has moved (new URL)
  2. Et Tu, Brutus? -- has moved (new URL)
  3. A Scientist's Life in Eve
  4. Black Rabbits Hole (The)
  5. Boom! Hull-Shot?
  6. Drifting through the Stars
  7. Eve Blasphemy
  8. Eve Online Strategy
  9. Flee on Sight
  10. Persephone Astrid's YarrJournal
  11. Random Posts from Auga
  12. Republic of Tyrants


    Fly safe!


    Stephen McMurtry said...

    Thanks, CK! You're included in a post for your benevolence:

    Akinesis said...

    Intrigued to read your reasons for leaving the blog-pack, CK!

    All the best

    CrazyKinux said...

    Simply put, because I no longer focus all my posts on EVE Online and that's what I demand of the Pack members.

    Akinesis said...

    Haha - I've just read your 'Taking my leave...' post in the pack on my iPod. I hadn't caught up on many posts over August due to a very busy RL that month (hence why I had already broken the 'weekly post' promise on my own blog!), and read this one before any of your previous posts. Talk about jumping the gun and making myself look like a fool!

    CrazyKinux said...

    LOL, no worries!