Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Making the Pack: 8 new blogs make it into the EVE Online Blog Pack

As I promised earlier this week, the Pack needed a little clean-up. In doing so I've removed myself from the Pack as well as two well know blogs and Postings from the Edge (by EON's Editor Zapatero). My reasoning was quite simple, all 3 of these blogs are well known and I wanted to shine the spotlight on some new blogs.

Removing these blogs gave me a little more room to add fresh new blood to the Pack. So without further ado, here are the blogs that have been added to the EVE Blog Pack:

Now those keeping tabs will have noticed that this takes the total count of blogs in the Pack to 52. And why not! With the hundreds of blogs out there, why limit ourselves to just 20, or 40 or even 50 for that matter. I say the more, the merrier, as long as the quality and frequency is there. Speaking of which, I've noticed quite a few Pack members with outdated content. Unless they start posting soon, or inform me of a new URL, I might have a few more openings on the Pack in the not so distant future.

So, welcome to the members above. And Venom, since you're the only veteran to return, why don't you show the example to these newbie Pack Members and write a little something!

P.S.: And one last thing. Since I'm no longer in the Pack, I'll need at least one of the Pack Members to write a little something about this post. This is going to be interesting!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the new members!! I'm enjoying the blogs, and while I read the blog-pack through Google Reader, it's nice to know that if I decided to update Capsuleer, there is something new and fresh to look into there, too.

Anonymous said...

Gratz to those who made it on. Better luck next time to those of us that didn't... It'll be nice to have fresh blogs to read on the iPhone at work now!

Anonymous said...

And how does one make it into this pack?

Persephone Astrid

CrazyKinux said...

@Persephone - By reading this blog, following my tweets and Liking this blog's Facebook page in order to know when the next EVE Blog Pack cleaning will occur! :p

The Blog
CK's Facebook Page

Anonymous said...


Well, I'm sure screwed then. I don't Tweet and I don't use Facebook. I simply write a fine blog and I read the blogs of others and leave comments there.

Persephone Astrid

Myrhial Arkenath said...

@CK: Mentioned your changes to the blog pack on my blog, so that's one member writing about it at least.

@The new members: Welcome!

@Persephone: CK also blogs about it, so reading here should be enough. Social media might just give you a broader view of what is happening or have you find out a little earlier.

rantuket said...


I never thought I would be added to the pack, thanks a lot for the recommendation CK.

Will make a post about it shortly.

Arrhidaeus said...


Hey, thats me!

Also, Persephone's blog is totally awesome, FYI.

Mord Fiddle said...

Alas! Unworthy again!

I shall make my way to the outer darkness; there to wail, rend my garments and gnash my teeth.

(However, grats to all y'all who made the cut!)

Anonymous said...

Congratz to those who made it. Nice choices.

Redundant blogger said...

Post complete CK.

Welcome to the pack noobs. Always a pleasure to view more views on viewing the vicarious void. I look forward to reading you all...

Unknown said...

Faction War Centre? Really? Not only poorly written and mostly consisting of copying dev blog posts but also a complete lack of any community participation or promotion - never joined in with a banter or promoted another blog (are the blog pack blogs not meant to list each other??). Seriously CK did you actually READ this blog?

I love reading the blog pack but on this one I can only assume you have mixed it up with another blog - really don't understand your logic on this one CK.

CrazyKinux said...

@Freddie - The seemed legit, though I see what you mean by the Dev Blog ripping. This isn't the EVE Blog Pack, so I don't worry too much about the quality. Thanks for your feedback thought! :p

Unknown said...

...This isn't the EVE Blog Pack...

Eh? It IS in the Eve Blog Pack mate (read your blog post above), hence my comment. I guess it's your choice at the end of the day, it just seems out of place to me and I think the spot could have gone to something better quality.

CrazyKinux said...

I stand corrected, this IS indeed the EVE Blog Pack! That coffee probably had not taken effect yet when I replied to your comment.

As for FWM, I just went through his blog one more time, and I have to say, I do like his style and his topics. He's got some Guides and HowTos and reviews the Dev Blog. So my decision stands, he stays on the Pack.

Lets agree to disagree on that one!