Friday, December 24, 2010

New Eden Chronicles Episode #1 - The beginnings!

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Well it's finally here! The first episode of the New Eden Chronicles - an EVE Online podcast dedicated to showcasing the EVE Blogging Community in all it's talent and glory.

Though we had a few technical difficulties recording this first show, Ardwulf's brilliant editing skills and Maeve's keen ears have managed to result in a pretty decent first podcast. Released earlier this week, we're still waiting for Apple's iTunes to provide us with a link and all, but you can listen and download it via our PodBean blog. Here's the direct link to Episode One.

In this first episode we introduced the 4 co-hosts, Maeve Trinity, Memoocan, Ardwulf and myself. We discuss several aspects of the EVE Blogging Community, present 2 interviews and have a first jolly good time. As new episodes get released, we'll have a more structured approached and work out the various kinks.

I'm very happy that we're finally at this stage and thankful to be working with my three co-hosts.

I look forward to our success!

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