Monday, July 10, 2006

Back after a short break

I took a 3 weeks break from EVE and from gaming in general. I was on vacation the last week of June, and then with the heat wave we got the first week of July it was too hot to play. But with the wall-mounted A/C unit that got installed last Thursday, I'm back in business.

Played a lot over the week-end, doing missions in and around Badivefi. Which is what I plan on doing once we've completed some mining ops after the 12th.

So more updates coming in the next few days. I want to rap up the current survey, update you on my current skill path (going Drone crazy), my promotion to Ensign within Phoenix Propulsion Labs the upcoming 4th issue of EON (which I should get this week), and other goodies.

Until then, fly safe and enjoy the summer!

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