Friday, July 21, 2006

Upgrading to a VX922 19 inch LCD

After years of nagging Stephanie about getting a new monitor to replace the old and venerable IBM G17, I finally got the ok! About a week and a half ago I brought home a Viewsonic VX922 which I got for a only $325. I say only, because since February of this year, I've had a Best Buy ad scotch-taped in my cubicle at work, and the price tag was $549. So by waiting 5 months I saved $225 for the same monitor, the same pleasure. Here it is on my desk.

Viewsonic VX922
Now if I could only change that ugly beige phone, my mind would be at ease. But Stephanie will have none of it!

Sitting down in front of that monitor for the first time, and logging into EVE Online was a memorable experience that literally brought tears to my eyes, well almost. And since then I've enjoyed bigger space vistas, bigger ships, bigger explosion all rendered in under 2ms! Can you ask for more?

So what are you looking at when you sit down to play? Let me know!

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