Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Happy Birthday to the Escapist!

The Escapist Magazine is one year old today. Long life to this great magazine and its growing community.

When I first came upon the Escapist, I was like a kid walking into a candy store for the first time.

This was game journalism at its best - the subjects were interesting, thought provoking, controversial. I've read every issue since then and I truly feel that I'm learning something new every time I done reading an issue.

On this momentous occasion, they've revamped their look and that of the Lounge (forums) and added a login/account feature - which I quickly registered for.

I strongly encourage that you give it a good read, and browse the old issues. There a tons of great article on everything related to the gaming industry - where gaming is heading, RMT, the industry's past present and future, on EVE Online (multiple issues), on Blizzard (a recent issue was solely dedicated to the venerable developer), and much more.

Head over to the new site and enjoy!

The Escapist is published by the Themis Group.

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