Sunday, January 28, 2007

EVE Online as a novel

While we're all waiting for our very first EVE Online novel from Tony Gonzales (Theodicy and Ruthless), I was thinking current science fiction novels that remind us of the EVE universe. Which novels have you read which reminded you of EVE's setting, its feel, it vastness and decadence?

If there's one series that does this for me it would be "The Gap Cycle" from Stephen R. Donaldson. It does so not necessarily because of the story or setting, but much more so because of the mood, the smell of things I would even say. It's a cold, ruthless and violent universe and that reminds me a lot of EVE. I strongly recommend the series if you have not read it.

But what about you! Have you read any novels that seem to capture a part of EVE? If so, then please let me know. I'd be very interested in having a look and then letting you know.


Anonymous said...

I still have not read Theodicy and Ruthless even if it is a long time since I want to.
Are they linked in any way? Is there any reason why I should start with one or another?

CrazyKinux said...

They're not directly linked, and I would start with 'Ruthless'. Theodicy was written after, and one can see the author progression in skill and ability to weave interesting plots.

Let me know your thoughts once you're done reading them.