Friday, January 26, 2007

What kind of gamer are you: PC or Console?

I have an XBOX and a PC, and have a good number of games for both. I used to play games on my XBOX a lot more in the past, but as time goes on, I find myself more and more doing so on the PC.

In the end I have to admit that I'm a PC Gamer. Consoles are great, and the XBOX 360 is a sweet piece of gaming machine, one that I might, make that will, get eventually - Gears of War and Mass Effect anyone.

I was looking at my Gamespot profile earlier today, and realized that I not only owned more PC games than XBOX games, but that most of my tracked ones and the ones on my wish list were also PC games.

And that's largely the results of the types of game I like to play: one MMORPG in particular (EVE not to name any), as well as RTSs and RPGs. Most of the FPS games that I play, I do so on the XBOX. Don't ask, it just feels more natural to me.

There are three gaming magazines that I read, "EON" (subscription), "PC Gamer" and "Games for Windows - The Official Magazine". For someone so into EVE as I am, E:ON is a godsend! Such a fine piece of journalism, short stories and informative articles on game play. PC Gamer is a magazine that I'll pick once in a while, only if it has an article on an up and coming game I'm interested in - or when they have those "Build your Dream PC" special issues. As for GFW magazine, I've bought all first three issues, and so far I must say I like what I see. I think Microsoft is finally stepping up to the plate and acknowledging how important PC as a platform is. And GFW is a huge step forward.

So how about you? PC or console? And whatever the platform, what gaming magazine to you read? Please feel free to use the comments to voice your opinion.

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