Friday, June 08, 2007

Back after 2 weeks in Europe!

No need to call the police, the FBI, the RCMP or MI6 for that matter. I'm back after a 2 week absence, traveling the old country, land of my ancestors, France.

As such, you should see new posts in the next few days.

There are a number of things I've got in mind, and with the CCP vs. The Community crisis unfolding as we speak, I've got plenty to talk about. Amongst other things I want to put together a list of links and howtos for new players, aggregate the various ship set-ups I've written about, and do some more 'in-character' posts.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

So had a good time in France? Have been thinking about going on a trip to France as well, but French people scare me :P

CrazyKinux said...

France was amazing! A week in Paris, then a week with family friend in her native Normandie. Which is where most of my ancestors come from.

In Paris the waiters and clerks are sometimes snobby, though we met some very friendly and helpful Parisians.

I highly recommend visiting the country if you're thinking about it!