Saturday, June 30, 2007

EVE Atmospheric Flight Video

Ok, I know this video is a bit old, but it's a feature in EVE that I'd really be ecstatic if it saw the light of day. I mean think of the possibilities - conquering planets, one after the other. Talk about sovereignty. There was an article on this very subject back in EON issue 005 (page 38-42) and which I recall was the favorite article for that issue (based on a poll I ran). A couple of quotes:
There will be much more to planets than simply being a new backdrop to fight across. The big challenge is finding a role for them.

Current thinking is to have planets divided into territories, each one potentially resource-rich pirate-infested, or a manufacturing centre.
It'll be interesting to see when this actually rolls out. The fact that CCP has been dead quiet about it since then, most likely means that we won't see this within any short amount of time; 2007, unlikely, 2008, maybe, just maybe.

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