Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Democracy sweeps EVE Online's universe

The universe is in flux and unless you've been hiding in an asteroid belt somewhere in a far away low sec system you've probably got word of it. Over the last few weeks CCP has been under fire from part of the community over allegations of, dare I say, corruption and political maneuvering within the delicate in-world Eve ecosystem.

The most recent allegations have been the most hurtful, whether they a true or not. I first read about it through a CCP dev blog in which they explained that their investigation had found no basis for Goonfleet's accusations - the corporation who had made the accusations. As expected, Goonfleet responded to the dev blog. Story started pupping up on various blogs, but it was my opinion that things would die down over the coming weeks. How naive that was!

I then got word through my Google EVE Online alerts of an interesting post over at which mentioned that CCP might be introducing some sort of community governance to help prevent future allegations of corruption. And this New York Times article which mentioned the creation of an elected player body (we now know they'll be 9) to be flown to CCP's headquarter to review and make sure that their operations were beyond reproach.

I an optimistic. I tend to believe the glass is half full and that CCP's effort demonstrate their willingness to show that they try to be impartial to the best of their abilities. The effort is genuine and I believe, will be well received by the majority of the community.

In the meantime, we'll just have to wait until this fall, to see how that goes. And if the player body will truly restore the faith of the community with CCP. I for one am of the opinion that it has a good chance of working.What do you think?

For those of you looking for further reading, here's a list of posts and articles that were covered by the gaming community:

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