Saturday, March 22, 2008

EVE Avatars: get your EVE character portrait animated

I recently got contacted by a fellow EVE player Copter Pilot, who runs a nice little business animating our EVE Online character portrait. I must say I was surprised at the quality of the work and the results. It's almost freaky! Check out Treenara animated expression in the sidebar.

If you're interested in seeing a great example of his work, head to over to The Stoned Hippies Corp and you'll see a flash animation with voice over - very impressive. Looking to get your avatar animated? Head over to EVE Avatars and get yours done. Copter "charge[s] 20 million isk to capture and animate a player's portrait and return to him an avatar package consisting a single animation in 4 default sizes: 125x125, 100x100, 85x85, and 65x65 to use as forum avatars on all their favorite forums." It's a great way to add some fun to that static character portrait.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you can do this yourself and save some isk.

CrazyKinux said...

As long as you've got the software, the time and the talent!!

I'd rather pay the few ISKs it costs.

Anonymous said...

yeah if you want a character that looks like it has tourette syndrome or some other uncontrollable twitch.

this guy has no talent.