Saturday, March 01, 2008

EVE Online Speedlinking for March 1st, 2008

This week was a bit less busy in official news. Nothing was announced by CCP, except the Trinity 1.1 Patch in the EVE Newsletter. Most of the other items of the newsletter were old news. Otherwise, it was the EVE community that was busy, as 3 podcasts were released this week; 2 of which were firsts. So, here is what caught my attention this week.
Of course, the BIG EVE event of the week is the Fifth Alliance Tournament, which is currently being fought by a bunch experienced and dedicated player. If you've never watched, you'll be blown away, literally!

Fly safe while you surf!


Anonymous said...

Must say I love the speedlinking, there's always a few articles in there that even an internet-whore like me misses.

Anonymous said...

Thanx fo speedlinking my blog!!!

CrazyKinux said...

Glad you appreciate the effort!

@Ga'len - I like the blog you've put together. Keep it up! Oh and, I've added you to the list on the right column. Enjoy the pimp!

Beowolf Schaefer said...

Ditto to what Nuyan said. This saves me time when ignoring work too. =)

Thanks Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking my Blog too.