Sunday, March 09, 2008

Another Drone Bay podcast under our belt

I've just logged off our Sunday night recording of the Drone Bay podcast. We've got another great show on the way, with lots of great content, good conversations and interesting topics. Crovan will be editing the show in the next few days, and then it should be out over at the VirginWorlds Podcast collective.

Speaking of which, I'd like to thank our podcast sponsors, all for of them. They are: haulboss, RigaMortis, Dathmar and StErroneous. Thank you very much for the sponsorship. All three of us, Crovan, Alsedrech and myself, want to let you know that we appreciate the funding very much - and so does Brent I'm sure. You're helping ensure that we continue working on more great podcasts.

This week we cover finding a corporation and corporation recruitment, suicide ganking, listener mail, tribute to Gary Gygax and much more. So be on the look out for when it comes out in the next few days!

Fly safe, as always!

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