Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Planetary Control Contest - A bit of reading, and then some...

When I set out to organize this contest earlier this month, I certainly didn't expect to receive so many good submissions, and neither did I expect to be right on the money by choosing "planetary control" as a subject matter. Though the DUST 514 announcement (for a console-based FPS that would impact the MMO) will have an interesting effect on EVE's sovereignty, it has in no way affected the judging of the articles for this contest.

In judging these amazing articles, I'm not only look for originality in the concepts being put forward, but also in the quality, clarity and originality of the writing. Here below is the full list of participants, as well as a few late comers who, though they will not be eligible to win, still deserved to be given a good read!

Enjoy and wish me luck!
  1. Corrupted Datacore - Feet First - Planetary Control
  2. Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah - Planetary Control Contest
  3. Uninvited But Not Unloved - Planetary Control
  4. My God, it's full of Stars - Planetary Control Proposal (follow-up thoughts)
  5. The Captains Log - Planetray Control
  6. A Misguided Adventure - Planetary Conquest, my idea
  7. A Mule in EVE - Behold the planet Atlas..a fictional tale - Mechanics behind player controlled systems
  8. TCL987's Blog - EVE Online: Planetary Conquest Article Contest Submission
  9. A Sebiestor Scholar - Planetary Control
  10. Death's Sweetest Kiss - Planetary Conquistadors!
  11. Bellum Eternus - Crazy Kinux's dev interview contest entry- Fiction Component, Design Component
  12. Achernar - Depopulate, repopulate. Lololol.
  13. Adventures in Mission Running - On Controlling Worlds
  14. Anomaly T - More Than a Rock - Planetary Control: Colonies and Capital
  15. Level Cap - EVE Online - Home Worlds
And the late comers
I'm still going through the list, and should have the results by the end of the week, unless unforeseen events prevent me from doing so.

Last, but not least, thanks to my mate James Egan over at Massively, for giving the contest a bit of the limelight!

[Update: Missed Level Cap's entry. Added it to the list, making it 15 entries in total!]

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