Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Borderlands is one sexy-looking cel-shaded game!

The last game I played that was cel-shaded was Robotech. And though I was a huge fan of the anime, the game wasn't all what I expected it to be. Borderlands is a completely different kind of game, and seems very much what I'm looking for in a shooter these days! Looks like October will see me busy shooting things up both spaceside and planetside!

[Links: Borderlands Official Site - Gearbox Software - 2K Games]


Michael Draper said...

CK Love your EVE related material, but the other stuff just doesn't interest me very much. Rock on!

Parker Mason said...

I've read some stuff about this game, and I think the trailer just sold me on it. Between this and Halo ODST, I think I might have to get the Xbox.

How was the Robotech game?

CrazyKinux said...

@Mike - fair enough.

@Parker - Glad to hear XBOX 360 it'll be. Robotech felt empty and a tad too easy.