Friday, September 25, 2009

You lose some, you win some - The State of the EVE Blogosphere

With the recent demise of the GameScribe platform and the few hundreds or so blogs that had been specifically created for the contest, the EVE Blogroll lost a few hundred blogs or so. Which was very predictable when you understand the time, dedication and effort it takes to keep a blog going.

Despite this inevitable loss, I'm happy to report that since then, I've received 50 [make that 51 with Finders & Keepers"] new blog submissions through comments and emails. Here below are all the new blogs that will soon be added to the EVE Blogroll. Though some of these blogs are now a bit outdated, I'm still posting them here so that this may excite their authors into more posts! You've all been teased!
  1. .5 or Higher!
  2. A "CareBears" Journey
  3. A Rock In A Cold Place
  4. A Sorta-Carebear
  5. Achernar: eve
  6. Amieta's Journal
  7. Autopilot Disabled
  8. Bael’s Blog
  9. Blood-Thirsty Miner
  10. Cle Demaari: Citizen
  11. Corp of None
  12. Corrupted Datacore
  13. EVE Talk
  14. Eveconomics
  15. Facepalm's Ramblings
  16. Finders & Keepers
  17. Friends of EVE
  18. Friends of Sharuveil
  19. Geddonz gamer
  20. Hardwirings and all that
  21. I Love Sansha
  22. Internet Spreadsheets Naptime Online - EVE Online
  23. Into the unknown with gun and camera
  24. Jumping through wormhole
  25. Letters from Eve
  26. Life among Pirates - The Romance and the Reality
  27. Living A Lie
  28. Logs of a Brutor
  29. Make way for the fail train
  30. mikeazariah
  31. Missions Collide
  32. Munich Mataris
  33. MXB:EVE
  34. My EVE Online Life
  35. My Life in EVE
  36. Nashh Kadavrs EVE Blog
  37. Nukes Thoughts
  38. Pirating By The Numbers
  39. Pods and Pills
  40. Rettic's Log: The Chronofile
  41. Screamer - A Pirate's blog, from the beginning.
  42. SFM Hobb3s Eve Explorations
  43. Silver Night's Fiction
  44. Smokes Black Aces
  45. Sooner or Later
  46. Strep’s Throat Noise
  47. The Captains (B)log
  48. The Captains Log
  49. The inside of nowhere
  50. Thoughts - TFG
  51. Yo Ho! A Pirate's Life For Me!
Welcome to you all! Safe travels and happy blogging!


Noir Avlaa said...

I can see my blog from here!! :o

Crimsoneer said...

I exist! I'm excited :P
Check out Pods and Pills if you have time on your hands!

Wayne said...

yay. If you have time, come read the "CareBears" Journey. Thanks CrazyKinux for posting this. I now have 2 straight weeks off, so no excuses for not adding to mine.

ygrichman said...

thanks for listing my blog, make way for the fail train, im trying to up my posts and make them intresting