Friday, September 04, 2009

Starcraft II, Supreme Commander II & a few games I'm looking forward to

Image adapted from a photo by John Thurm entitled "Motherboard City"

With the "New Gaming Rig Project" coming to fruition this week-end, I've been looking forward to getting a few new titles that I'll now be able to run on this speedy silicon calculator. Whether currently available or up coming most of these games were beyond the capacity of my ol'P4 PC, and so I had stopped 'looking' for new games. This all changes after this week-end.

Listed below are a few of these games.
And up coming:
There's also a bunch of Xbox 360 games I'll be asking for my birthday (which is next month) and Xmas! Some of these are


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

My short list:

- Diablo III
- Wolfenstein
- Mechwarrior4Mercs/Mektek as freebie
- Mechwarrior5
- updating my flight sim to FSX
- Jumpgate Evolution

Thes outta hurt my EVE schedule quite a bit :)

Anonymous said...

I find it impossible to spread my time across multiple games. That's just me though.

So I prefer focusing on Eve Online. Not a bad choice. ;)

Bill said...

I think that Dawn of Discovery looks pretty good. I love those games!