Wednesday, November 25, 2009

EVE Online Dominion Trailer and Expansion site go Live

About an hour ago CCP Games released the trailer for their latest expansion and launched the Dominion site. Have a look and be prepared to be amazed once more!

I really look forward to this expansion as the end of the year will see me have a bit more time to log into EVE in the evenings and play with my mates from Phoenix Labs; which is something that has been very difficult these past few months for reasons I'll explain in a later post.

As for this expansion, it seems to me that they've out done themselves again if one looks at all the features that will arrive next week. Can't wait for it!


Anthony M. Powers said...

Holy hell! This looks awesome!

Anonymous said...


Earlier this morning called, she wants her new back. Release an hour ago? Man, you even fail at being a marketing tool!!

Anonymous said...

@the anonymous above...

Someone not get hugged enough as a child?

You come across as nothing more than a petty/sad/lonely individual that has nothing else to do but stand in the shadows and throw stones...

In short... if you don't want to read CK's posts... please go take a leap.

Stephen McMurtry said...

This looks pretty darn sweet! Just out of curiosity, at 0:54-1:00, somebody says, "Focus fire on that supercarrier." Did he mean Carrier, Mom, or is there a new ship?

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