Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Duvolle Laboratories: Get your Clone, Now!

CCP Games seems to be exploring various new ways to promote your favorite capsuleer MMO. Their previous videos and promos were different from the rest of what was currently being done by other MMO publishers, but they were still "typical marketing material". This somewhat changed when they released "The Butterfly Effect" video, which was actually meant to explain what EVE was.

With the Duvolle Laboratories website though, they're expending their marketing efforts in new and original ways. After answering a few questions to see if you qualify for a clone, you're shown the possibilities of your new clone. Depending on your answers you could be starting a new career in Military, Exploration, Business or Industry.

Interesting promo!

[Found link through this Forum thread]


Quivering Palm said...

added to my "how to hook people with EvE" collection of links :-)

great site!

Zanaraxtarus said...

Same here, Palm.. Matter of fact, I just texted the address to a guy at work I'm trying to get hooked :)
Odd how close the quiz was for me..