Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Video: The Rings of Earth

Ever wondered what Earth would look like if it had rings, like Saturn's or Jupiter's? Well someone did wonder, and he created the video below. I wanted to share this video, not only because it's intriguing, beautiful and inspiring, but also because of the upcoming visual change that New Eden is about to receive when Dominion comes out on December 1st.

I've already posted some of the videos of these changes that were taken on SiSi, the EVE test server, but an Earth-like planet with rings isn't something I saw, or even thought of. Maybe this is something CCP would consider and eventually roll out in the next few months. It would truly make New Eden even more majestic if it had a few of these Earth-ring planets!

What do you think?


Bahamut said...

Stunning. Would Earth have enough gravity to hold rings?

Yoh said...

That was pure epic win.
You deserve a cookie.

Bayou Boy said...

Interesting, but pure fantasy. Earth cannot have rings due to many factors. Our moon alone would prevent such a structure from forming. Not to mention, even the simulation is incorrect as the ring would never be in a geocentrical orbit around Earth as the moon would pull the rings into a quasi-elliptical orbit.

Most importantly; Earth, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are too close to the sun to be able to have rings this late in the game.

The number of 2 body diagrams to solve this kind of problem makes my head hurt. Well time to resort to some Laplace I guess. Nope, still hurts.

Redundant blogger said...
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Redundant blogger said...

I am yet to observe ringed planets in SiSi. There are ringed planets occasionally on TQ but they are quite rare.

I for one am for this type of planet to become a little more popular come Dominion, and hope that CCP have plans to introduce ringed planets.

Perhaps there could even be some type of mining of the rings themselves. I believe the rings of Saturn are made of ice and rock so both ice mining and mineral mining could be possible.