Monday, November 16, 2009

The upcoming and visually stunning Planets & Moons of EVE Online

From starfields, to moons, to beautiful earth-like worlds, New Eden is getting a much needed visuals boost. Though we can't call this Trinity III, it sure will forever change the visual landscape that capsuleers will soon get to watch as they warp through the EVE universe.

We should get to "Oooooh!!!" and "Aaaah!!!" in just a little over 2 weeks, when Dominion rolls out on December 1st!


Rettic said...

And I can safely say, as of downloading Singularity yesterday, even this video does not do the new graphics a bit of justice. You just have to see them in-game to get the full effect. It was jaw dropping.

CrazyKinux said...

Did you cry Rettic? :p

Rettic said...

Just a single, epic tear.

Yoh said...

As an artist, this is a positive step for the ascetic appeal of EVE.
Still needs more space stuff, and some more backdrops, but it's a start.

I liked the lave planets..... because of FIRE!!
The ice planets were nice too.

It's amazing what perceedule generation can do nowadays.
(don't know how to spell that word)


Achernar said...

Are the planets of different sizes?

Flashfresh said...

Absolutely beautiful, I can't wait.