Thursday, November 10, 2005

Cruising in my Gallente shuttle

Originally uploaded by crazykinux.
I finally logged in some hours in EVE Online last night. It had been a long time since I played and I missed it a lot. With the move a month ago and then my computer failing, I barely had any time to devote to my addiction (wink wink)!

Now, things should go back to normal and I should be able to play regularly. And I've decided to change career path for a while. My character, Treenara Mazouk, is a character with most of her skills combat oriented, with a good emphasis on pilot skills also. In late September, with 3 members of my corporation, Coreli Corp, we decided to go into production and trading. This was an aspect of EVE I had never really looked into and one that I always regarded as too complex. It's much easier to take down a few rats (pirates in EVE lingo), then to plan a complex trading operation.

But that's exactly what I've decided to do for now. This screenshot was taken last night, while on a visit of different regions to inquire about pricing of various merchandise we plan on selling.

We'll see what riches lie ahead for Treenara.

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