Wednesday, November 23, 2005

No such thing as an easy trade!

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As you may know, I've decided that my EVE character will become the universe's greatest and wealthiest trader. Until these delusional plans of grandeur come crashing down, Treenara (my EVE character) has a lot on her plate.

A few weeks back, with the help of 3 members of my corporation, Coreli, I placed a sell order for 145 "800mm Steel Armor Plates 1" in a relatively safe system for 750,000ISK (EVE currency). Well they're still on sale, the whole 145 of them. And if you check the chart on your left, you'll quickly see that we were a bit over optomistic with our pricing. We'll need to readjust it soo, or else we'll end-up with the merchandise still in our posesion. EVE's economy is player driven and fluctuates with the needs and desires of the players. It makes for some pretty complicated trading.

Long live the capitalistic utopia!!

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