Wednesday, November 30, 2005

On a scouting & trading mission

Originally uploaded by crazykinux.
Late last night I completed a long trade expedition through federation space. Though not a profitable run, it allowed me to explore some low sec systems and determine the risk level of running this backwater trade route.

After gathering the necessary goods from my hangar in Stacmon, I headed on the 33 jump mission that would take to the fringes of Gallente space. First stop was Intaki, where I sold some cheap holoreels. Then off to Mollin, Ansou and finally Espigourne, where I respectfully released, first some synthetic oils, then dairy products and last, some polytextiles.

As I said, this was the most profitable run at about 150,000 ISK, but it was more of a scouting mission then for any other purpose.

This screenshot was taken just as I was about to warp out from Intaki towards the Mollin gate.

I'm currently training for 4th level Industrial, with the goal to get to level 5 in order to purchase and operate a Gallente Iteron Mark V.

Trading is good and honorable!

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