Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Escapist - A Deadly Dollar

A new week, a new issue of The Escapist. This week's edition is on 'griefers'. Something that we, EVE players, are very familiar with. Ever lost a ship while mining some asteroids in a low security system? Or have seen ore thieves fly away with hours of effort? Had a new employee (EVE's guild equivalent) steal for the corporate hangers?

Then you've been hit by a griefer! And as J. Rossignol elaborates in his article, A Deadly Dollar, griefer, as long as they stick to the setting, are part of game, and as such, should be taken as part of the experience. Though it's a bitch when it happens to you (and believe me it is), it makes the game that much more poignant and real. I guess that the difference between a game and a Virtual World. In the later, you risk loosing much more, but it makes for one hell of a better time.

It's when you can loose something dear to you, that you become that much more involved. Makes the virtual that much more real.

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