Saturday, February 23, 2008

EVE Player Meet at Brutopia

Last night at Brutopia, after asking a few strangers sitting at tables if they there for the EVE player meet (and getting these weird looks back!), I met up with fellow EVE players.

Now the funny thing is that 3 weeks ago these fine folks - Cartboard Box, Krevette, Figura, Jattzia, Cozmo and Sil - were all strangers to me (well except you Pandore). Complete unknowns whom I'd never met, let alone shared a good pint with, exchanging war stories.

But here I was, sitting amongst new friends who shared a common passion, EVE. We all had a good time, shared stories, got to learn about each other in RL and much more.

And if there's one thing I learned and promised myself to remember, it's to run like hell if I ever land in a system and see Jattzia in Local! You've all been warned. =)

In the end we promised ourselves to do this again in a month. And this time we'll be more fools, sipping more beer, enjoying ourselves even more.

Here are my photos, and here are CB's.

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Anonymous said...

That was much fun! Definitely going to hold everyone to the promise of doing this again.