Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Once a corp mate, always a corp mate!

So what makes an MMO so special. What makes you log in every night day in and day out? The people you play with that is. Brent from hinted at the idea, and I have to agree. Yes the game you're playing has a lot to do with it, but in the end, the friends you play with have more to do with it.

Earlier tonight Isuridae, second in command at Phoenix Propulsion Labs contacted me to know if I was interested in returning to the corp. Well, well now. What to do?

After a bit of chatting, I learned that PPL was moving back to Empire space. I then inquired if there was the possibility of becoming the Trades Director. I was told that the corp was open. Interesting. After a few minutes of private chat with Isuridae, I had convinced myself that this was the best outcome for me. I was to return amongst friends. And that's exactly what I did.

After 18 jumps, I had applied and been accepted. I had access back to the PPL forums and members area.

I was home. Amongst friends.


Anonymous said...

Sweet, have room for my 16.5 million skill point mining and manufacturing character? I'll need a mentor!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Take me too! 6.5 million sp, mainly industry but one skill book purchase away from starting to build up the ol' research points.

Seriously, it's always nice to fall back in with a group of old friends. That's a great feeling.

CrazyKinux said...

I'd be happy to count you as corp mates. Phoenix Propulsion Labs has a particular structure which may not be for everyone, we're a military structured manufacturing corp which has a communistic approach to wealth management.

That is, corp is mother and every isk you make, every mineral you mine belongs to PPL. Having said that we provide everything you might ever need, ships, ammo, skill books, clone contracts and what not. Corp is mother as I said!

If you're still interested, join us in EVE on the SHOP@PPL channel. If you fit the bill, you'll be invited to a thorough interview process before being accepted as a cadet.

See you in EVE!

BZArcher said...

Congratulations! Great to see you back with PPL, and I don't just say that because I heard CODE RED is talking to you guys about some trading partnerships again. :D