Friday, February 08, 2008

EON Alliance survey now live!

My mates Zapatero, Editor of EON magazine, on behalf on Nate Combs (the other mate), EVE Online's representative over at Terra Nova, are conducting an alliance survey to better understand the motivations of players and the effort needed in getting such a large group of players to work together.

As Zapatero puts it:
To help us further in our understanding I've put together a survey to find out what people's opinions are about their own alliances and alliances in general. The survey does not ask for any character or alliance names so everything is very anonymous.
So head on over to >> complete the survey <<. And this goes for anyone who's ever been part of an alliance, whether you're still in it or not.
The survey will close 10am GMT on Feb 18th. The results will be studied and used within an article we have planned for the next issue of the magazine. Soon after publication the data will be made available to the entire community.
Zap, you owe me a pint!


Anonymous said...

A pint? I'll get you two - I'm feeling generous today :)

CrazyKinux said...

Great! The third round will be on me.