Monday, February 25, 2008

An addicted EVE Online gamer is what I am!

Or so it seems.

As I start to write this, I've just sent the details of our EVE podcast to Brent, over at Earlier in the evening, Crovan had sent him the link to our podcast for review. Brent now has everything he needs to set it up on the Podcast Collective, and has promised to get it online sometime tomorrow (well actually today since we're past midnight). Thanks Brent. You've been an inspiration.

Wow, this is it!! Our brand-spanking-new EVE podcast. Never thought we'd get it done so quickly. Than again, I'm blessed to have teamed up with two amazing co-hosts, one of which - Crovan - spent the all day yesterday editing the podcast. I've promised you 2 beers at Fanfest later this Crovan, and I'll honor that promise! Thanks Crovan, thanks Alsedrech! Thank you both! Once it's available on, I'll make sure to let you know about it!

Now to top it all off, another podcast in which I participated, just went live on the Collective. last week, I spent Thursday evening being interviewed by Peter of "The Addicted Gamer" podcast, and it just got published in show #5. Peter was a great host and put me at ease right from the start.

The interview was a lot of fun, and though I must have said "Ahhh..." a million times during the show, I think I did pretty well. I promise to work on my speech, and improve over time. I hope you'll bare with me, and show some patience and understanding until then.

On that note, I'm heading off to bed, and will try to get some rest. If I can fall asleep that is!

Fly safe, or die trying!


Anonymous said...

Wouh Ouh!!!!!!!!!! Je suis en train de t'écouter!!!! Débile!! Belle voix sexy en anglais!

Je suis pas mal fière de toi mon grand frère chéri!

My brother rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks sister!! =)