Thursday, November 06, 2008

EVE Fanfest Day 1 - Recap and more

It's been two days since my arrival in Iceland, and the first day of Fanfest is now behind us.

While traveling from Boston to Reykjavik, I met several EVE players waiting at the gate - some fellow players, some ISD members and I even spotted (quite easily actually) a few Goons who had gathered near the latrines (well in front of actually). I'm sure that half the folks traveling on that plane were going to EVE Fanfest.

Yesterday, after a short half hour bus trip from Keflavik airport to my hotel in Reykjavik, I dropped on my bed, half-dead, for a little 3-hour nap. Refreshed and re-energized, I was ready to hit the town for some dinning and winning, ready to lose a leg and an arm having to pay those crazy Icelandic prices.

I introduced myself to a group of fellow players who were hanging out in the lobby and we headed over to the Vegamot, where we met one of their chefs, a fellow EVE player by the name of Bergur. A nice chap, with whom I enjoyed some great conversations.

After a great dinner (at a reasonable price - 15$ for a great meal and $7 for a pint), we headed back to the hotel and shared some more fine alcoholic beverages. Then it was time to get some rest before the first day of Fanfest.

When I woke-up this morning there was no rush to head over to the venue, since it only started at 12:30. I met Chris from, whom I'd only met the previous evening, for breakfast, which was a buffet style and much better than I would have expected. Gotta thank Winterblink for recommending this place!

We then walked over to the Lagerschmool (no that's not the real name, but it escapes me and is too complicated anyways) to get our passes and swag bag. After getting my Fansite pass and the goodies, we headed over to the press area to check out the schedule. On the way I took some more pictures (which are all available here).

I attended the first 2 panels - Economy and Market, and Future Expansions - before going to lunch. Here below are my notes of these panels.

Economy and Market - with CCP Dr.EyjoG

Here are some of the topics discussed:
  • Provide live economic data dashboard are in the long term plans
  • 5-year long term plans would ideally include
    • Full Stock Market feature
    • EVE Central Bank
  • Race-based currencies
  • Insurance and Trade
  • Consumer Goods usage
  • Changing Market Order while OOG
  • Store Front
  • Factional Warfare and Tech 1 items prices
Future Expansions - with Hammerhead

Here are some of the topics discussed:
  • Development pipeline has enough to last until 2012
  • Anchorable Player Objects (individual)
  • Atmospheric Flight (what would be the goal)
  • Cloaking and projected cloaks
  • Ambulation and Adult Content (poker, strippers and corpses)
  • Removing Local chat from nullsec
  • Sovereignty
  • Better Camera Control
  • Better and enhanced corporate tools

Now remember that these were "discussions" of what players would like to see in-game, and not stuff that's actually coming soon(tm).

After being refused from the next panel, Women in EVE (I can't understand why), I roamed around and just let the experience sink in.

After that, I dropped by the Singularity room for a chat with the Community Devs (Valerie, Misty, Ed, Mitnal) folks and other fansite folks (AlienHand was there, as well as the fellow behind the Jump Planner tool).

Not bad for a first day!


Anonymous said...

First! Woot!

/jealous! :D

Anonymous said...

You were refused from the panel because you have a distinct lack of ovaries, CK. :)

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Looks pretty sweet I still need time to look through your album!
How are you guys (the people there) going to be able to play much? Or when will you go try ambulation?
Hope to hear again soon.
Long weekend here I come!

Anonymous said...

Pssst, don't forget to pimp Capsuleer!!!

Bahamut said...

GOD that sounds like a great time. My envy level is rising rapidly.

I like the ideas coming out out that industry board. Stock markets, currencies and banks are obvious areas of progression.

I'm for the idea of adult content with ambulation.

Carole Pivarnik said...

Sounds really awesome. You'll come back with blog-worthy content for WEEKS!!! Yes. I'm jealous. Any other Blog Pack members there?

Sylvain said...

Poker is no adult content for all non-US players, I'm sad it would considered so (it's a barrier that'd prevent CCP into ging to this).

THey could release a lot of mini-games. By the times non-player could bet isk on it it'll be great !

CrazyKinux said...

It's a lot of fun, and yes I'll have content and information to go over and massage for a few future blog post.

Besides Zapatero (EON Editor), I haven't met any other Bog Pack members, though I've tried meeting with Ander from EVE-Pirate. I have met a whole BUNCH of people both from the community and from CCP, as well as media. It's really cool to be able to do so in such a fun venue.