Tuesday, November 04, 2008

One more Stargate to go

Having gone through the Montreal-Boston Stargate earlier today, I'm waiting for the Boston-Reykjavik Stargate to be activated. Engineers have stated, over the station PA, that their repairs should be done soon and that the gate would be activated somewhere around 20:35, local system time.

We're also being told that the normally instantaneous system to system jump, will this time take a few hours instead. This is due to the nature of today's tweaks with the stargate's inner workings.

Hopefully I'll wake up in Reyjavik system in one piece!

I'll let you know as soon as I make planetfall.


Anonymous said...

Good travels, my friend! Can't wait to hear your comments on what you see with the Ambulation Project! :)

Anonymous said...

please! when you go to the ambulation presentation take some photos! or a vid!

Anonymous said...

I concur. The people require ambo eye candy! :D

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

/Agreed again.
Have lots of fun and bring back with you lots of good news!

Bahamut said...

So you're a Montreal rez? I keep intending to check it out.

Fly safe! I'm looking forward to your impressions quite a bit.

BTW, would you be so kind as to become a follower of a blog of a fellow Canadian capsuleer?

Unknown said...

Uber cool your are now being called Primary.

Anonymous said...

Good travels, my friend!