Friday, November 28, 2008

So, you want to be part of the EVE Blog Pack?

Today marks the last day of what became an 8 month "sabbatical". Next Monday, I'll head to downtown Montreal to start a new career. Though I'm very excited and happy to start next week, I must admit that I enjoyed these last few months. I had time to focus my time and attention to one of my passions, both personal and virtual, and I think it paid off.

Indeed, the last few months have seen an exponential increase in both the numbers of EVE blogs, the quality of the content put out by the EVE Community, and a general feeling that we've built something unique amongst MMOs communities. It's something I'm quite proud of to have participated in, and something which is in part the result of the time I was able to dedicate to the task.

As you might expect, I will not have as much time to blog about EVE. You may have notice a decrease in the amount of posts I've published in the last few weeks. Expect this to be the new output. There's so much one man can do and still live a normal, healthy, family life.

Rest assure I will neither blogfade, nor podfade. The new schedule for MicroWarpCast will be bi-weekly, though I will still publish the EVE Speedlinks once a week (this week's should go live later today). I'm currently working on the editing of show #4, which I expect to have ready by the end of the week-end.

This is where the EVE Blog Pack comes into play. Since I won't be as prolific in my blogging, you can always count on the Pack for constant, quality content on EVE Online. This has been its purpose since day one, and continues to be so.

As such, I have made a little pre-Holiday clean-up of the list, with the result that there are now 2 openings on the Pack. I'll admit that I took the liberty of adding my good friend Black Claw's blog to the pack, as he has showed a genuine interest for several weeks. Not only that, but he has posted more than 30 articles over the last 2 months, and has been a force within the community.

What about those 2 spots you ask? They're open to anyone who has a dedicated EVE blog, which is updated regularly (at least once a week that is) and which provides great material for the community. If you think you've got what it takes, then please let me know by leaving a comment below. I'll give you 2 weeks to consider this. Then I'll ask the 27 other pack member to vote for whom they would want to add to the Pack. I won't be voting myself, as I want to leave it up the the rest of the Pack to decide.

So who will be the 2 new EVE Blog Pack members? That's up to all of you!


Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

I must say good luck on Monday!

As for the 2 open slots, can't wait for the newbs, er I mean bloggers!

Sarah Barah said...

*waves her arms crazily above her head* Oh, pick me. Me, me!

AlansJourney said...

Thank you for making me a member of the Eve Blog Pack, I'm deeply honoured!

*goes to drink beer and celebrate*

Anonymous said...

I'd like to be considered for a position on the Blog Pack as although there was a two week period I was slow due to illness - the content has begun to and will continue to pick up.

Whether or not people agree with me, is of course another matter but I would love to be considered at some point in time for sure!

Hallan Turrek said...

Heya! I'm ready and willing. I hope to contribute more to this community as a member of the blog pack. I'd be honored if you'll consider me.

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of finding out who it is that has left the pack? If they were someone I was interested in, it's useful to know so I can track them from their direct feed...

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the ones who's out, but that's only 'cause I've been focused on another game lately :D

Good luck with the new career, CK!

Anonymous said...

Me Me ME!!!!
Waves her arms wildly. Oh crap, that darn Ghankis Khan beat me to it!

Ok, ok, ok. In all honesty, I would love to be considered for the BlogPack. I think there is a great amount of information we can promulgate via our combined efforts.

And congratulations again on the new position.

Anonymous said...

I haven't had time to check the blog pack list just yet (going out in a sec) so I'm not sure if I've already been re-added. But if not...

*jumps around holding one of those huge foam fingers* PICK ME!!! :D

Providing that all goes well, I'll definitely be getting back into EVE. My girlfriend played a bit of the tutorial last night and she likes it so far. So along with now having money to pay for it, I now have another reason to stay if I ever get bored again.

Anonymous said...

Gratz on the new job and good luck on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear you're coming into my neck of the woods :)

Somehow I thought you were in Ontario! Oh well, now you're here, welcome!

Ivanneth Maethor said...

Good luck with the new job, mate :)

As much as I would love to be a part of the blog pack, I don't really have the time -- the crap has hit the fan around here -- and I think there are others far more qualified for it than myself, anyway ^_^ Looking forward to seeing who makes the final round, competition is gonna be hot!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new job mate, and well done on amassing all the blogs in one place. As a reader of many off the blogs in the blogroll, Hallen Turreck's blog gets my vote as he's posted quite regular and there usually interesting:
tao fedong > f*** off a** whole
Hallan Turrek > No no no, Pirate. It has a similar amount of syllables.
But good luck to who ever gets the two open places, but as it’s been pointed out those who post win.
Cj Didge.

CrazyKinux said...

Ooh, great list of potential new Pack Members:
- Sarah Barah
- YoMma
- Hallan Turrek
- Kename Flin
- Godlesswanderer

@Bel Amar - I removed Havohej's blog, Warp Drive Active and Lady Bri's also.

Thank you all for the words of encouragement for the new job. I'm excited!

DeafPlasma said...

Well, you could consider Deaf Plasma's EVE Musing

I post 1-3 times a week ideally so should meet contribution needs - and I'm sure many here are familiar with my site.

Anonymous said...

Hiya CK!
Kudos for the new job, hope to see you around town soon - I work there too!
Hopefully you will have read my blog a little bit already, but if you haven't, please warp to to read up on my stuff! Mine is a fairly recent weekly blog named EVEolutions, hopefully this will grow into a reference for the beginning Eve-Online player. Hope my blog gets added to your Blogpack!

And all of you reading these comments, hope you read me as often as possible!
See you out there!

John Calvin Hall said...

Greetings CK,

If possible, I would like to toss my hat into the "ring". I currently run an EVE exclusive blog with a slight twist to it. The normal EVE blogs, I have run into are GREAT, but they usually come from the perspective of the player. The purpose of my blog is to provide a view of EVE Online from the perspective of the avatar.

If you get a chance, stop by I hope you find it enjoyable.

Hugh Bowen said...

I want to be part of the blog pack but my blog is about where people can reserve a month and talk about there video game ideas for one month as deep as possible

Anonymous said...

Well CK I think I'm ready to join the blog pack. I have been putting it off for a couple days because I wanted to make sure I was ready. I think I am so sign me up and let me know if there is anything else I need to do other than the regular reading and commenting on blogs. I look forward to working with all of you and I welcome any constructive criticism or recommendations.