Saturday, November 08, 2008

EVE Fanfest Day 3 - Highlights

I'm back from the third and last day of the EVE Fanfest, a few hours before the big Party! I've had a chance to upload all the photos and videos and I wanted to share a few of the big news with you. You'll probably read all about the details of the coming Quantum Rise expansion on the big news sites, so I'm not going to go into all those details myself.

What I will show you are the videos below, which I know you'll enjoy. Here are links to my Flickr photo sets (and videos) for the presentations I saw today, as well as some photos and videos.

CCP Games

Scope - Quantum Rise

CCP Games & Atari Deal

EVE Online First Person Shooter is coming soon(tm)


Anonymous said...

The T3 Modular ships look utterly fantastic. Reminds me heavily of Sword of the Stars, a space turn-based RTS, which features a similar system.

Good to see more Scope videos, as always, and the Atari deal is a welcome boost!

null said...

An Eve FPS? I'd say show be where to sign up, but is this going to take as long as Ambulation to see the light of day?