Thursday, February 04, 2010

The "Why we love EVE Online" Contest List of Participants!

When I first launched this competition almost 2 weeks ago, I wanted to list all the participants at the end of that original article. But then, both CCP and mentioned the contest (well ok, I kind of begged them too!), and I got bombarded with entries. So much so, that I thought it would be more appropriate to have them all listed here on a separate post.

Due to this overwhelming deluge of entries, I've had to come to the fact that I'll miss the deadline I had set for myself to announce the 10 lucky winners. Had the turnout been what a typical Blog Banter is - say 30-some entries - then I could have made the deadline, but 56! Fifty-freakin-six entries! I mean for Godliness of the Amarr, the Liberty of the Gallente, the Discipline of the Caldari and the Spiritual Awakening of the Minmatar, there's a very limited number of hours in a day, and I do have a day job! :p

So, I'm asking - correction - I'm letting you know that I'll have the results ready for a BIG SPLASH DOWN this next Monday, the 8th day of the month of purification, in the year 2010 C.E.. How's that!?

Take a look at the list below, and you'll understand what I'm up against! A victim of my own success if there ever was one!

List of Eligible Participants:
  1. A Mule in EvE
  2. Astral's EVE Trial by fire
  3. The beginnings of piracy
  4. Guns Ablaze
  5. The Midnight Sun
  6. Eve Opportunist
  7. Sered's Lives
  8. The Lathspell of Mithrandir
  9. The Light of the Stars
  10. Dense Veldspar
  11. Latro's Bunker
  12. Yet Another Pilots Chronicles
  13. Morphisat's Blog
  14. EVE SOB
  15. Zen and the Art of Nullsec
  16. Tastes Like Chicken
  17. EVE What?!
  18. A Vasty Nothingness
  19. Ally's Walkabout
  20. Mark Mustang
  21. Why do I love EVE Online
  22. Bouli's Mind
  23. Weynards EVE
  24. Why do I Love Eve
  25. An Extremely Complicated Survival Machine
  26. Surviving within the void
  27. Fua Consternation
  28. Taxtro Grave
  29. A Sebiestor Scholar
  30. JugBlog
  31. The Wolfs Den
  32. Wench with a Wrench
  33. Yarrbear Tales
  35. Kirith Darkblade
  36. Vive Virtual
  37. Adventures in Mission Running
  38. Normandy's EvE Online Musings
  39. Faint Resolution
  40. Diary of a pod pilot
  41. FlashFresh
  42. The New Victoria in New Eden
  43. Don't Fear the Mutant
  44. Infinity and Doom
  45. Event Horizons
  47. MushskiC's Marshmallow Mountain
  48. Why We Love EVE
  49. into the unknown with gun and camera
  50. Lyeit Lair
  51. Achernar
  52. EVE Online Contest
  53. Cogito Ergo Yarr
  54. Jump on Contact
  55. Ecliptic Rift
  56. SpiderMonkey Express
And the two following entries who unfortunately missed the deadline


Turgon said...

Wow nice saying: "for Godliness of the Amarr, the Liberty of the Gallente, the Discipline of the Caldari and the Spiritual Awakening of the Minmatar" I have to remember that one.
Happy reading to you and hope you still will be able to relax during the weekend!

Unknown said...

good luck to al those that entered, i read most of the entrys and some are really good! also worth mentioning battleclinc is holding a similar type of contest at the moment.

Arukemos said...

Sadly I missed the deadline but at least I got linked :D

CrazyKinux said...

Down to 15 entries! We're getting there, but removing those last 5 will be harder than I thought! =(