Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The ever expanding EVE Blogosphere! - Part 7

Despite my sporadic presence during last month, I did try to keep track of the new blogs and comments about new blogs that I received. The list below should contain all the ones received since my last Blogroll update. If not, please drop me a comment and I'll be sure to add yours as soon as possible.

The blogs below as well as the ones from the last update will get added to the EVE Blogroll shortly.

Welcome to all these new EVE Bloggers!
  1. Depths Unknown
  2. Drew Jerac's Log
  3. Dwarf In W-Space (A)
  4. Easley Thames
  5. EVE on Real Life
  6. Fiddler's Edge
  7. Gun Turret Diplomacy
  8.  I am ... Micheal Malone
  9. Journeys of a Baroque Pilot
  10. Life in my Hole
  11. Life of a Dead Jester (The)
  12. Lost In Space
  13. POS Life
  14. OMG! You're a Chick?!
  15. One Unit of Prop Comic
  16. Ore, Pirates, and Pods
  17. Touching the Heavens - Crorono
  18. Travels of The Ronin
  19. Yosagi Yojimbo
    Fly Safe!


    Anonymous said...

    You still don't have EVE SOB on your list; http://evesob.blogspot.com.

    Yosagi Yojimbo said...

    Holy Crap! Hey Ma I can see my blog from here!