Tuesday, July 13, 2010

EVE Mobile Edition: EVE Online running on an Android Phone [VIDEO]

I first wrote about it way back in 2007, but it looks like we might almost be there. The below video shows an EVE client running on a Motorola DROID (Overclocked to 1. 3GHz Bugless Beast V. 1. 1). I just might get myself a DROID phone soon!


WolvenSpectre said...

Actually the user says he is using a remote PC client called PhoneMyPC or something like that.

Makes me want to get the EVO (android phone with bigger screen).

Mandrill said...

And CCP have dismissed working on a UI for multitouch as unnecessary?!?

Unknown said...

I have been accessing my PC via my original iPhone for some time now. I use an app called Mocha VNC to do it. Ok I can't exactly PVP with it but I can change skills, chat and update my Market trades with it. If it works this will on an original iPhone I'd love to know how it would work on an iPad or the new iPhone 4