Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Super Physics of EVE Online

Though we only get to play with the results, we all know - to some extent - that somewhere deep within the Matrix of New Eden, some fundamental physics is keeping it all together. But what you wanted to pull the curtain of beauty that the masterful artisan of CCP Games have used to cover the inner workings of the favorite of virtual universe we call EVE, to see these formulas and principles that govern ship behavior, combat fundamentals, and other inner-workings.

Well that's what upsideyourhead, over at Knol - a unit of knowledge, has decided to do. I won't try to summaries or explain what he's doing here, has I failed miserably during my undergrad year in Physics way back during my University days. Suffice to say, this will please and intellectually stimulate the inner geek in all of us, whether big or small.

Here are the first 3 articles he's written. I'll keep adding more as he lets me know about them.

P.S.: Did you understand any of what he wrote?


James Muscat said...

Awesome stuff :-)

Chelsea Greenwald said...

Made my head hurt a bit, but my physics and calculus have prevailed! Good stuff, after you get past the fact that it reminds you of college math all over again, lol.

Ming Sino said...

The turning article is basic physics straight from textbook-type material. However, that bit on gate camping is some fine applied physics.

I hope he continues to write articles.