Monday, July 12, 2010

Terra incognita: Setting off for Wormhole Space

Over the last few days I've been gathering all my belongings into one system near Bourynes, some 27 jumps away where I was stationed with Phoenix Labs. Suffice to say that the enterprise has been very time consuming, though not what would call boring though. Indeed, I've used this time to accumulate a plethora (damn I love that word!) of links, guides and tutorials that will be useful to me as I join my corp, Chaosstorm, in wormhole space.

During this transition, I've queued up a long list of skills I'll need as I enter this terra incognita: Astrometric skills, probing and other scanning skills...

In trying to share all this information with you, I've put together the following list of guides and links that I've come across in my InterTubes exploration. Please let me know in the comments below of other links you've found helpful.

As always, fly safe!

Wormhole Wikis:

Wormhole Guides:

Exploration, Scanning & Probing Guides:

CCP's Official Scanning Video Tutorial:


Anonymous said...

Might be there already but didn't spot it: The recent scouting/hunting guides on Planet Risk?

Unknown said...

Oops, just to say - not blatant self-promotion, trying to use my wordpress account to post comments. Name should have been HardinSalvor.

CrazyKinux said...

No worries Mike. Always happy to promote other's great content! Will be adding those two links shortly!

Mdih Lihu said...

Not sure if this is a different mirror of one of the guides you already have up as I haven't gone through them all yet. But this document is extremely helpful for wannabe wormholers.

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks Mdih - Nope, that Guide wasn't listed in there! :)