Saturday, July 31, 2010

The ever expanding EVE Blogosphere! - Part 11

Another shot to the EVE Blogroll listing. Not as many as in previous updates, but that's understandable. Thanks to the help of two dedicated and very helpful readers, I'll soon be cleaning out the dead links in the list; removing blogs that no longer exist, or are simply dead.

And did you know we're Saturday today, not Sunday! Yeah I know, I went OMG another day off! Seems the brain gets confused if you take a Friday off! So enjoy the rest of the day, and your Sunday too! And welcome to these new EVE Bloggers!
  1. Ardent Defender
  2. A rabbit's adventures
  3. Citadel Enterprise
  4. Dobbers View (The)
  5. EVE HUB
  6. Laedy in Red
  7. Recon Report (The)
  8. Sand Box Journals (The)

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    Anonymous said...

    Any chance I can get added too?