Monday, February 07, 2011

Making the Pack: 10 blogs make the cut as the Blog Pack gets refreshed!

As hinted earlier this year, the EVE Blog Pack got reviewed during the week-end. Some blogs were removed, some old Pack members were pulled out of retirement, and quite a few new blogger got to be part of the EVE Online Blogging Elite.

I've decided to give a chance to an old Pack member, A Scout's Domain's Lumenarious Rex (@Lumenarious_Rex), who recently returned to EVE. The lad had always written great posts. I've given him a grace period to get his blog updated! Also new to the Pack is the folks from EON magazine. The volunteered and have recently been putting out some great posts.
  1. A Scout's Domain, by Lumenarious Rex 
  2. Angry Care Bear (The), by Serenity One
  3. EON :: The official EVE Online magazine, by @EONmagazine
  4. EVE PRIVATEER, by Rebecca Aventine 
  5. EVE's parity bit, by Paritybit 
  6. Letrange's EvE Blog, by Letrange 
  7. Scram Web - An EVE Online Blog, by Toterra 
  8. Sleepless in Space, by Shadai 
  9. Ravings of a Lunatic, by Dos Tu Mai ‘Dossie’ Kielle
  10. where the frack is my ship?, by Eelis Kiy 
As always, if you think you've got the Right Stuff, write great content, guides, advice and would like to be part of the EVE Blog Pack, please let me know. I'm always looking for canon fodder,... uh, I mean great talent!

Fly Safe!


Mord Fiddle said...

Props to all members of the new elite.

Arrhidaeus said...

I was shocked when I read the list, I thought most were in already!

Very solid and well deserving line-up.

Feminator said...

Nice additions. I wasn't aware of some of these. Thanks again for the great service for Eve blogging (and blogreading) community!

But there's also a loss to the same community: the Fiddler's edge came to an end.

Well, I guess you win some, you gain some.

kikutake said...

You've pretty much shown how out of touch you are with the game these days CK, Hand the reigns over to someone more relevant.