Monday, February 21, 2011

Speedlinking New Eden & more - The February 21st, 2010 Edition

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Velocity Prime said...

You missed a reaction, CK...

CrazyKinux said...

No I did NOT!! :p (pssst! thanks!)

Anonymous said...

Strikes me that somebody could easily start an entire blog with weekly or daily summaries like this. (Good work, CK!)

CrazyKinux said...

Thanks Casiella! Wanted to publish this yesterday, but life got in the way! Then again, if I manage to get these up by mid-day, I think the timing would be perfect! How's that poll of yours?

Velocity Prime said...


Thanks dude. Good to see both sides being represented. In truth, I'm actually a bit surprised to see peoples' mostly positive reaction to my post (so far), I thought I was going insane for a minute with all this talk of doom and gloom.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the double tap there CK! I appreciate it. I hope I don't have BOVS ( bitter old vet syndrome ) maybe I am expecting too much? Bahhh YES I do expect much! Give me some new ships, T3 cruisers, SOv that works well :)

Thanks again bro.

Kozlow said...

Hi, Great work here!
It is real pleasure to read all those blogs, I've just started my own, so is there any possibility to add it to Ninja Blog Pack, or I just have to wait and make it grow? :)


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