Monday, February 14, 2011

Who knew: Girls Like Playing EVE Online! [VIDEO]

The above title is of course meant as a teaser, since I know a fair amount of women playing EVE - and not just the carebearing kind! I came across the Youtube channel of @Mintchiplol, a new Twitter follower of mine. And after watching a few of her videos, I came across the one below.

Now @Mintchiplol from what I gather seems to be quite the PvP gamer, though she's fairly new to New Eden. So it was interesting to see how she describes how EVE is a more complex MMO environment then what she was familiar with in Word of Warcraft. Not  a bashing of WoW here, but just interesting to see how a newbie can quickly nail the main differences between a theme-park MMO and a sand-box. Thanks for the videos @Mintchiplol and hope to see you in space!

On a side note, her YouTube channel and her series of videos on EVE gave me a few ideas. Something I'll start working on soon...

Fly safe!


Unknown said...

No CK, just no.

This girl gets enough attention already for no good reason.

She is not a good role model for women in this game, and she is not much more than an elaborate troll.

If you look behind her appearance, and actually read any of her posts you'll see right through her attention seeking, and know she really has no content behind her words. She adds nothing of value to the EVE community.

Stitcher said...

@Coby: You're producing more bullshit than a beef ranch, not to mention being borderline misogynistic.

YOU'RE the one who needs to get past the looks. You see a pretty face and that's it, she's a vapid troll who isn't adding anything. Your comment reads like you think somebody that pretty must automatically be using her looks to seek attention.

But it's not like she's just sitting there like "Hey boys, look at me!". She's voicing her opinion, which is that of an experienced WoW player who's honestly appraised both games and decided one is better. That's good marketing for the game and for the community. If people are subscribing to her channel for her WoW vids (or her looks) and see a video like this, then they're going to be tempted to give EVE a try and make up their own minds.

I see nothing in this video to suggest that she's an "elaborate troll" or any more of an attention seeker than anybody who puts video diaries up on Youtube.

dreamer said...

Well, actually, I agree with both Stitcher and Colby. I've certainly read other sites who have more interesting content than hers. But she's not a troll by any stretch of the imagination.

Quite frankly, even though, she doesn't say anything really new, I do find her videos to be entertaining and even I troll her a bit on my own character's Facebook Page :)

Stephen McMurtry said...

You know she hadthat one drunk PL pilot who was #1 on the killboards give her 190B ISK. He fell in love with her or something weird. In embarrassment, he has biomassed his character.

(This could be trolling, too, but #tweetfleet said it was true!)

CrazyKinux said...

She made me laugh. She talks about EVE. What harm can she be!